Digimon Fusion Shoutmon Action Figure by Digimon Fusion


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Shoutmon . The bravest Fusion Fighter is here to save the Digital World . With His powerful starsword in hand. he is ready to take on all challengers .; Unite Shoutmon with the Dorulumon & Ballistamon Digi-Fusion figures (Sold Separately) to form the ultimate HERO - Shoutmon X4 . Collect. Fuse and classique to win .Continuer ; The Battle with the exclusive starmon Star Sword card Found in this Toy and Unleash its power in Digimon Fusion collectible card game (Sold Separately) .; product includes : 1 Shoutmon Digi-Fusion figure. 1 Shoutmon Star Sword Toy card
Digimon Fusion shoutmon action figure

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